Training & facilitation

A Balance of Power provides a range of training and facilitation services to all levels of government in Australia, and supports business and community organisations to be more effective.
Our qualified training staff have had extensive experience in industry, government and community services.

Training services include (in addition to work health and safety):

  • Analysis of training needs
  • Development of training strategies and assessment method
  • Development of training materials, class activities and assessment activities
  • Contextualisation and integration of work health and safety according to industry, workplace and training needs
  • Testing of training materials/strategy
  • Delivery of training
  • Assessment and recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Facilitation services include (in addition to work health and safety):

  • Focus groups
  • Strategic planning
  • Feedback and review
  • Problem-solving and issue resolution
  • Presentations/workshops

Work health and safety strategic policy, management and training